Property Management

Atlantic Tambone takes particular pride in the quality of our day-to-day management activities. The key to our management philosophy is a proactive approach to tenant relations, fostered by regular site visits, attentive problem follow-up, 24-hour emergency maintenance coverage and open lines of communication with tenants. This results in smooth operations and low vacancy rates. To minimize vacancy time, we monitor and anticipate probable move-outs, maintain waiting lists and perform necessary repairs promptly.

I. Owner Interaction
  • Interface with asset manager or appropriate owner’s representative on a regular basis
  • Assignment of sufficient number of employees to properly, safely and adequately manage property
  • Approval from owner or asset manager for major capital improvements and/or non-budgeted items
II. Initial Property Management Functions
  • Detailed inspection of property
  • Development of preventative maintenance programs
  • Detailed security evaluation and recommendations
  • Preparation and documentation of equipment inventory and supplies
  • Detailed review of existing leases and preparation of lease summaries
III. Property/Market Responsibilities
  • Regular property inspections and daily maintenance
  • Property damage/incident reporting
  • Local/regulatory assessment
  • Inspection and assessment of marke
  • Environmental incident reporting
  • Monitoring and resolving of tenant issues
  • Execution of vendor service/construction contracts
  • Maintaining overall cleanliness and upkeep of property
  • Solicitation of bids and preparation of bid packages for planned capital expenditures
  • Aggressive monitoring of delinquent rents and other income
  • Competing properties identification and survey
IV. Accounting/Financial Functions
  • Collection and deposit of all rental and other income
  • Maintaining of bank account(s)
  • Supervision over and payment of all budgeted operating expenses
  • Utilization of standard chart of accounts
  • Obtaining of proper insurance certification from outside contractors
  • Development and documentation of annual operating and capital budgets
  • Preparation and submission of Real Estate tax billings
  • Placement of insurance coverage as requested
  • Determination and documentation of security deposits on hand